Brand New Shadows

On October 17, 2011 by Eddie

I got tons of ribbing from my friends after releasing the “White Flags” record. “What’s up with ‘Brand New Shadows…featuring Eddie Kirkland!’ What’s up with that?” After hearing this a dozen or so times, I guess it deserves a good explanation.

Somewhere along the way I decided I wanted to write music. It was somewhere between 5th and 6th grade, I think, but it just started coming out and I’ve been writing music ever since. My first piece of music was a piano instrumental piece I played at a 6th grade talent show, and it was pretty awful. Since that time, I’ve written tons of songs, many of which you’ll never hear because they are similarly terrible.

Most of my songs that people hear are “worship songs,” songs that are meant to be used in the church by the church. But many times there are things I want to express that I just can’t express in a church worship song. In 2008, I began compiling a bunch of songs that were written out of some pretty hard days in my life, songs that related to my marriage and friendships and weren’t really suited for a typical worship set. I put all of those songs together, and my wife encouraged me to record and release them somehow.

Over time, a few friends jumped on board (thanks Elliott, Brad & Samm!), and we started recording these songs. Elliott & Brad actually came up with the name Brand New Shadows, and I ended up using it. I put the “featuring…” part on there so people would know who these songs were from, since people had no idea who BNS was. A few months later, the record was born and the songs were out there for people to listen to.

Hopefully there will be another Brand New Shadows record in the future. I think there will always be ideas in me that don’t fit the mold of a typical worship song, and hopefully they will resonate with other people just like the songs from “White Flags” did. Ironically, these songs really helped free me to write better worship music. I learned a lot in the process, and it encouraged me to challenge the typical Christian-ese worship lyrics, and try to express gut-level emotion through new words and images.

So will there be another BNS project? Hopefully. And next time, I won’t include the “featuring…” part. Maybe that will cut down the teasing a bit.

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