What I Learned @ Catalyst One Day

On October 27, 2011 by Eddie

Just finished up a Catalyst One Day and it was an amazing experience, all the way around. Any time I get to hang out with the Catalyst team and see a conference, I’m always left with something really good to chew on. If you haven’t been to a Catalyst One Day before, you totally should, it’s worth every penny. Huge thanks to Brad and the whole Catalyst team, love you guys!

On top of all of that, just being at Saddleback was really humbling. Rick Warren’s thoughts on church and leadership radically shaped the church I grew up in, and I learned to play guitar because I wanted to learn a really good Rick Muchow song. I wouldn’t be who I am today without the influence of this church, so to be in that room with good friends and get to lead worship was a really humbling experience.

And then there was an interview with Rick Warren that really blew me away. Here’s a few nuggets that really impacted me…

– Everything in life is on a bell curve, no church keeps growing forever. What you should do is when you hit the top of the curve, reach out to the next generation and begin building again.

– You can build a big church without a big building. We built a church of 10,000 without a building.

– God’s favor on churches isn’t handed down through blood line. With every generation he raises up new churches to lead the way.

– If you won’t use other people’s curriculum or ideas, you’re just arrogant.

– You only believe the parts of the Bible that you actually do.

That one session was worth making the trip for, it’s awesome to hear from someone who has so many years of experience and wisdom to share from. Now, I’m getting back on another plane and headed home to see my family. Who wouldn’t want to go home and see this guy?

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