Here and Now – The Thought Behind the Song

On November 4, 2011 by Eddie

The title track of this new collection of songs, Here and Now, was probably the most fun song to put together. It began a while ago, in January of 2011, when our pastor started a series at North Point called “Big Church.” As Andy, our pastor, was preaching one of the messages, I started jotting down some lines to a song that reflected the idea of his message. Between services, I slipped backstage and found a quiet spot to try and put some of those lines to music. At first the chorus was really long and cumbersome, so the song didn’t really catch on in my mind and it sat for a few months before I picked it up again.

Then in June I spent a few days at home, by myself, trying to wrap up a few songs for this project. Originally this song was called “So Let Us Be,” and it was a number on a to-do list of about 6 songs I needed to work on. When I got to it, I threw out the chorus and began working on something new, and that’s when the whole song came together. At the time I had been reading a lot of interesting things about heaven (thanks Rob Bell and a host of other authors), and God was really impressing on my heart the idea that heaven is really less of a future destination and more of a present reality. When Christ came, God began his ultimate restoration project, bringing creation back to the way it originally was intended to be in the garden. It’s nowhere near completion, but there are bits and pieces on earth that point the way for what’s to come.

I believe the church is one of those pieces. It is a place where the kingdom of heaven meets earth in a powerful way. Not just through worship experiences on sundays, but through the justice that we fight for, the grace we offer to the world around us, the peace we bring to our communities. The church is a place that should reflect heaven here on earth, an outpost of the kingdom that is slowly making its way into every nook and cranny of the earth. If you’ve ever been to an embassy, you recognize what this looks like. You may be in a foreign country, even a country hostile to your native government, but when you walk through the gates of the embassy you might as well be back home again. That is what the church should be, not a place or a building, but a people who move through our cities and communities bringing heaven with us.

Once that thought seeped into the chorus of this song, it came together quickly. In the end, it became a declaration of what I hope the church desires to become. We’ll never get it perfectly right, in fact we’ll get a lot wrong in the process, but we can at least express these words and say that we desire to be a place where heaven comes in the here and now.

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