Lead Us Home – Part 1

On November 7, 2011 by Eddie

The last track on the EP, Lead Us Home, is another song that took a long time to write. Originally it was a small idea called “We Have All Been Abandoned,” and I thought with a title like that no one would ever want to hear it, let alone sing it. Thankfully, more ideas kept coming and the song constantly kept evolving into what it is now.

I know this sounds really artsy, but this song is a story that can be viewed two different ways. The first way to look at this song is as a big story, beginning with the nation of Israel wandering in search of the promised land. Then the story focuses on the disciples waiting on the resurrection of Christ that will bring new life. And finally it ends by looking forward to the day when God will finally restore all things.

The second way to look at this song is a bit different, but it’s really what I had in mind when I wrote this song. I’ll do my best to explain it here, but I might get too geeky so please excuse me if I do. The story of God written in the Bible goes through five big “chapters”: Creation, Fall, Israel, Jesus, and the Church. We’re actually living in Chapter five right now, and when you think of it that way, it’s kind of cool to think that we are continuing the story of God set out in scripture. As N.T. Wright says, we are improvising our lines in an act that is yet unfinished.

What’s really cool to see is the parallel between the story of Israel and the story of the church. The story of Israel has a huge, climactic event that defined that entire chapter in scripture – the Exodus from Egypt. In fact, this particular event is so monumental that people of the Jewish faith still commemorate it each Passover meal, keeping the memory alive for new generations. The people of Israel were enslaved, a rescuer came to deliver them, they were spared from death and delivered to a new land. But… they weren’t delivered to the promised land immediately. Instead, they waited and wandered for years.

In many ways, we are living in the second exodus. We were enslaved by sin, a rescuer came to deliver us, we were spared from death and delivered to a new way of life, but we were not delivered immediately to the promised land. Instead, we are in a holding period, growing in faith and love, constantly longing for the day when God will make all things right. Thinking about life this way brings deep meaning to Jesus’ new instructions for the Passover meal, a meal he instructed us to do not in memory of Israel’s deliverance, but in memory of his delivering death. Phrases such as “give us this day our daily bread” suddenly take on new light- God will provide for us each day, just as he provided manna for the Israelites as they wandered. As a storyteller and story-lover, this new perspective really challenged me and got me thinking.

This song tries to reflect that idea. One day this fight is going to end. One day all things will be made right. One day, just like the Israelites, we will see the promised land.

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