Checking The Gauges

On November 30, 2011 by Eddie

A good friend of mine told me just the other day that one of the biggest challenges of becoming a man is finding out whether or not you can balance all of the different responsibilities God has entrusted to you. I don’t know how close I am to becoming a real man, but I understand that feeling completely. Right now, I am trying to be a man, father, husband, worker, writer, son, brother, friend, and child of God…all at once. Needless to say, I consistently feel overwhelmed.


I’m the type of person that likes to tackle one thing at a time, knock it out, and move on to the next project on the list. But I’m quickly learning that life doesn’t work that way. I can’t tell my son I’ll see him in 6 months when I finally figure out how to be a good husband, or tell my boss I’ll be taking a sabbatical while I work on being an honoring son. Life just moves on, there’s always something that needs urgent attention.

Thankfully, my counselor suggested that I try to boil down my life to four main purposes – four main things I’m going to focus on right now. In a way, these four things serve as a dashboard for my life. They are four gauges that can tell me when I’m running low in a critical area, and when I need to refuel or focus my efforts in one direction. For me, these are the 4 basic things I want to be…

– A Healthy Man

– An Engaged Father

– A Faithful Husband

– A Prolific Writer

These four things obviously don’t cover everything in my life, but they help keep me focused on areas that are non-negotiable for me. I have to maintain spiritual, emotional and physical health. My kids are my greatest legacy on this earth, and probably the area where God will show grace to me the most! If my marriage falls apart, so does everything else in my life, I have to maintain a healthy marriage. Finally, being a prolific writer is something I have a deep desire to do. I can’t control whether or not people like what I have to say, but I can control how much work I put in, and hopefully I will put in enough to find some diamonds in the rough.

So these are my four things that keep me somewhat balanced in life. What are yours? What gauges are you watching?

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  • Great book that speaks to the heart of this is Leading on Empty by Wayne Cordero. My gauges would be very similar, but I’d sub A Visionary Leader for Prolific Writer. Great way to start the day, Eddie.

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