3 Lessons From A 6pm Service

On January 18, 2012 by Eddie

If you attend church here at North Point, you probably have heard that as of last week we have launched a new service at 6pm on Sunday nights. Although it makes for a really long day, it’s actually something our entire team has been pretty excited about getting going. Everyone has been really positive and ready to take on the challenge, despite the extra effort it is going to require out of all of us.

This overwhelming positive attitude in the face of added responsibility is yet another indicator of why I am extremely lucky to be a part of this organization. Here’s 3 lessons I’ve learned in the process of this launch that hopefully will stick with me for a while:

1. Ask questions first – Before any decision was made, all the people who are directly affected by it (namely our entire department) were notified when it was just an idea, and asked what it would require. Instead of being told this was the decision, we were asked for some input on the idea, and it gave our team enough time to get excited about the opportunity instead of grumbling over the challenge.

2. Remember your team’s needs, not just the goal – Doing a Sunday night service created some complications in our world. How would we get volunteers? Would people stay through the entire 12-hour day, or would we need a new team? What do we do with Inside Out that meets at the same time across the hall? Would people come on a school night? All of these things could’ve been solved by simply doing a Saturday night service instead. In fact, most church staff members that I talk to say that Saturday night is wildly popular with their attendees. But, the leadership of our church talked to some of those churches and their staff members all said a Saturday service is a “Staff-Killer.” The loss of a real weekend and time spent away from family meant a huge drain on staff. Thankfully, our leadership decided this was a non-negotiable and no matter how popular it would be, we weren’t going to try it. That meant a ton to all of us, and made us all so much more willing to jump in and help out with all our efforts.

3. Communicate quickly and clearly – After some fact-finding, the decision was made, and the word started to spread. But the news was spread in exactly the right way, and it made a huge difference. People who were directly involved with the service were notified first, then the rest of the staff team, then the key volunteers, and then the entire church. This eliminated a bunch of needless chatter and speculation, which really helped everybody stay positive.

I know these aren’t earth-shattering, but they’ve been incredibly encouraging to me. I am really blessed to work in a place where I see decisions being made and think “I need to remember to do that,” instead of “I need to remember NOT to do that.”

So if you attend North Point, come check out the 6pm service. It’s a blast, and worth the schedule shift. And if you’re currently doing a night service, let me know what you’re doing to make it fun, exciting, and engaging. We’re newbies in this world!

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