New Worship Songs For 2012?

On January 25, 2012 by Eddie

Choosing to introduce a new song at North Point is a bit of a challenge sometimes. The song has to be very singable, memorable, and scripturally true, but also not have too much “insider” lyric content so that we don’t leave first time guests scratching their heads. That’s a really delicate balance to find, and only a few songs fit the bill. Plus, we only do 2-3 worship songs per week, so whenever we introduce something new it needs to be really solid– we can’t afford to have 50% of our music bomb on a given Sunday! Plenty of great songs end up on the cutting room floor, simply because they don’t tick all the boxes for a Sunday service at North Point.

Needless to say, finding those songs is a difficult task. Recently, our team has been trying to compile a list of new worship songs to introduce at North Point in this coming year. A few suggestions that have been thrown out are:

– “Our Great God” by Casey Darnell (really great tune, this one’s a matter of time)

– “10,000 Reasons” by Matt Redman (one of my personal favorites)

– “Give Me Faith” by Elevation Church (Gwinnett Church has been introducing this one)

There is a mountain of worship music out there, and I know there are tons of songs we haven’t heard or thought about. So this is where you come in–

Do you have any good suggestions? What songs seem to be connecting with people at your church? What songs are you listening to that are worth taking a look at?

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