An Unforgettable Night

On June 22, 2012 by Eddie

For those of you who attended the Night of Worship last night – thanks so much for coming and for singing your guts out! i hope it was just as refreshing and impactful for you as it was for me. I was really blown away by how moving it was for me. There’s something about singing hymns that really allowed me to worship in a way I haven’t in a long time.

In a church setting, where the same great worship songs get repeated over and over, it’s easy to become de-sensitized and cold to how powerful a song can really be. For some reason, singing only hymns forced us out of our typical routine to a point where the songs took on a whole new meaning again. I’m not totally sure why it was so powerful, but it definitely is something I’ll be thinking about for quite a while.

I’ve already had several requests for the names of several songs, so here’s our set list along with what arrangements we used. If you were there, let me know what songs you really enjoyed, hopefully we can start working them into our Sunday mornings soon.

– Doxology – Page CXVI


– The Wonderful Cross – Redman/Tomlin

– No Turning Back – Tomlin

– How Great Thou Art – NP Arrangement

– I Stand Amazed – NP Arrangement

– Have Your Way – This one’s from my new cd, coming in August

– Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) – Tomlin


– 10,000 Reasons – Redman

– It Is Well – Todd FIelds

– Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus – Page CXVI

– Jesus Paid It All – Kristian Stanfill/Alex Nifong

What is it that makes a hymn different from a modern worship song? What is your favorite hymn, new or old?

11 Responses to “An Unforgettable Night”

  • Definitely had the singers in the crowd last night. Thanks for a spirit filled evening!

  • It was one of the best NoW EVER! I got to pretend that I was George Beverly Shea

  • LOVE working the Doxology into the mix. Would love to see more of the old hymns on NPM stages. Great job Eddie

  • Growing up in the Christian church, we began every Sunday with the Doxology. Loved closing with that last night. NPCC has changed me over the years from being a traditionalist, and I LOVE our weekly music and the variety. I especially love the part where we sing, “My chains are gone; I’ve been set free…” To answer your question though, I’d say my favorites are the ones surrounding Easter: He Lives, Because He Lives, Were you There? I’d have to add: Jesus, I Come, At the Cross, Victory in Jesus, and Just as I Am.

  • I really enjoyed the night of worship at NPCC. We actually attend BBCC every Sunday. Just can’t seem to get enough. I love all the songs but I do like the old hymns. I would really love for y’all to do The Old Rugged Cross. Thanks for all you do, God Bless

  • To this day, the old Passion album “Hymns Ancient & Modern” remains one of my favorites. I also love the arrangements coming out of NPCC, most notably Todd’s version of “It Is Well.” I think one of the best aspects of hymns is that they cover a much wider breadth of topics than today’s songs do.

    • Totally agree about the wider breadth of topics – wonder why that is?

      • Some of the best hymns were written by pastors to illustrate their sermons, so that explains why wide variety of topics are covered! I’ve always found that I write the best songs when writing with a specific sermon or sermon series in mind too.

  • Wonderful Worship Last night,The Tears are still here..Think about those old song writers,No press no record deal no radio or internet just compelled to praise and worship our Awesome God and wrote it down for His Glory…

  • Hello Eddie, i left a comment the other night about the wonderful night of worship & the name of an old hymn that i love, another one just came to mind. Blessed Assurance, thanks again for the fantabulous job you do.

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