Call Me Maybe? – Sunday Recap

On June 25, 2012 by Eddie

Thursday we sang the elegant, timeless hymns of our tradition. Sunday we sang “Call Me Maybe”. Seems fitting, right?

This was week 3 of our summer playlist. If you missed the Sunday review from last week, I wrote about why we’re doing some fun summer tunes before the service. This week we decided to do some current – “sugar pop” tunes, and thankfully Riley Biederer came in to spare me and sing “Call Me Maybe”.

This week, the worship songs were simple songs we’ve done before, but creating tracks for the opening tunes would’ve been a challenge given the Night of Worship we had on Thursday. On weeks like this, we turn to Karaoke Version, an incredible site for finding backing tracks for songs. You can customize what tracks you want (BGV, programming, drums, etc.), their library is extensive, and the tracks typically sound great. If you’re ever in a pinch and need some good backing tracks, they’re definitely the way to go.

Sunday Set List:

What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction

Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen


Here & Now – Eddie Kirkland

Never Once – Matt Redman

What is your go to time-saver for a crunched week? Any tips you can share?

2 Responses to “Call Me Maybe? – Sunday Recap”

  • Hi Eddie!

    My name is Kim, and I’m the Music Director at Wiregrass Church, North Point Strategic Partner in Dothan, AL!

    Thanks for doing the Sunday reviews; they’re so helpful in many ways to people like myself out here in partner world!

    Also, really glad to see you comment on Karaoke Version!

    It’s such a great tool and has been one of my ‘secret weapons’ for about a year now! We like to lay down our own tracks, but often don’t have the manpower hours left over for tracking!

    Karaoke Version has saved us on several occasions and the ability to customize the tracks is awesome! And, for 3 bucks a pop, ya just can’t beat it!

    • Great to mee you Kim, thanks for posting. We feel the same way – in a pinch, for 3 bucks, there’s nothing better. Many props to Reid Greven for finding this gem.

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