Reminder: I Don’t Run The World

On June 27, 2012 by Eddie


I have a little book that I love called “Celebrating Common Prayer.” A phrase in today’s reading jumped out at me. It’s one that is repeated every day in the book, and for a while I just glanced over it, but lately it has jumped off the page:

Let us commend the world, to which Christ came, to the mercy and protection of God this day.

In other words, “I don’t run the world.”

It’s nothing ground-breaking, but for me this is a huge source of comfort today. I’m in a season that seems overwhelming, trying to balance being a husband and father with my work life and all of the other circumstances and responsibilities in my world. I told my wife last night that I feel like I’m riding a unicycle. Stop pedaling – start falling. But this morning, reading this phrase again was a good reminder that I need to commend the world to the mercy and protection of God. I need to stop pedaling for a minute and remember that he’s the one keeping me upright anyway. I’ve got to let go of trying to control my world, and “allow” God to protect it and manage it the way he sees fit.

This probably seems trite and very cliche, but for me today it is compelling. I don’t run the world, and I’ve got to stop acting as if I do. So, here goes…

What if today, we each stopped trying to control just one thing? What would it be? What would that do to you? Who would that free up in your life? How would that impact your family, your work, your health?

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