Known By The Problems We Solve – Plywood Presents

On June 29, 2012 by Eddie


I recently tweeted about an article in which Malcolm Gladwell made a challenging claim. In a speech he gave in Toronto, Gladwell proposed that Bill Gates would go down in history, while Steve Jobs would eventually be forgotten. His theory was that Gates is more likely to be remembered long-term because of his devotion to solving the problems of poverty and education, as opposed to Jobs’ dedication simply to his own entrepreneurial success. It is an interesting thought, and it immediately reminded me of a local organization called Plywood People.

Plywood People is an Atlanta-based non-profit started by a friend of mine, Jeff Shinabarger. Jeff is a firm believer that “we will be known by the problems we solve,” which I (and, apparently, Malcolm Gladwell) couldn’t agree with more. His mission is to try and help connect people to solve social problems in our city. Plywood runs several local efforts to make a difference in the lives of the under-privileged, but more than that they exist to try and connect and inspire a generation of problem solvers that can impact an entire city on a grass-roots level.

There are definitely a lot of conferences out there, especially in church-world, so please don’t hate me for adding one more to your “wish I could get away and do that” list. But, if you have the chance to take a few days this August, you should definitely look into this one. Plywood Presents is a conference August 15 &16 in Atlanta that will gather leaders from around the city to learn from social innovators and begin dreaming of ways to tackle tough societal issues. If you are a business leader, creative professional, or non-profit (or church) activist, Plywood Presents is definitely something worth checking out. Visit their site to learn more and sign up. Hopefully I’ll see you there…

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