Sunday Recap – Elvis, MJ, and a Killer Team

On July 1, 2012 by Eddie

Yesterday we wrapped up the “Age of Kings” series, and in very literal fashion we gave a nod to two modern Kings – Elvis and Michael Jackson. Danny, Ryan and Tann did an incredible job pulling the songs off, and it’s always fun to watch our musicians do something challenging like the MJ tunes. It’s a lot of extra work to get these songs right, but after doing four chord worship songs every week it seems like more of a fun challenge than a daunting task.

One thing I was reminded of this week is how grateful I am to be a part of a team. There were so many different pieces that pulled together to make the day happen. First of all, Reid Greven has turned into our Summer DJ, and the radio setup bits he has done each week have been incredible. They are funny, informative, help set up the song, and help give people context for why we’re doing the songs. He grew up in the household of a very successful radio DJ, and it’s obviously a strength he picked up from his dad.

Second, the Michael Jackson medley, which was complicated and really well put-together, was done by the Buckhead and Gwinnett music teams. They spent a ton of time piecing it together, performed it as an opener for the series, and it went over really well in both places. Then Watermarke and Browns Bridge took it and adapted it to fit their churches. It was great this week being able to watch what the other churches had done and just adapt it a tiny bit to make it work for us. Plus, in a month where we’ve done a bunch of other pre-service music and a Night of Worship, it gave our team a great element to use on Sunday without having to reinvent the wheel. I really love being able to share each other’s stuff like that, and I hope we get to do a lot more of it in the future.

Overall, it was a really great day and a good reminder of how thankful I am for the incredible strengths of the people we get to work with every day. I’ll include the set list below, but I’m interested to hear about what your set list was yesterday. Anybody try anything new? Doesn’t matter if it’s boring or flashy, let me know what’s working for you (or what’s not!).

Pre-Service: Elvis Medley

Opener: Michael Jackson Medley

Worship: How Great Thou Art (NP Arrangement), How He Loves (McMillan)

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  • that mj melody sounds awesome! i’d love to check it out. is there anywhere that i can see it online? probably not cause of copyright but thought i’d ask.

    about a year ago we were finishing our series on revelation called Apocalypse Now 3D and we ended the series with an “End of the World” Medley and it went over really well.

    we recorded the videos in practice as well as had people using their iphones during the service. it was a ton of fun and i edited them together along with the 4 different audio recordings to make it a little more produced.

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