Sunday Recap – Acoustic Day

On July 16, 2012 by Eddie

I’m out of town this week, so I wasn’t able to be a part of the Sunday experience at North Point this week – but I did get a chance to watch online. If you’re out of the Atlanta area, you can always check out and watch the services. They air on Sundays at 9, 11, 2, 6, and 10, and on Wednesday at 8pm. I really love it for times like this, when I’m out of the office and get to peek in on what happened.

This week we did an acoustic band, just two acoustic guitars, percussion and a bgv singer. We experimented with something like this a few years ago, but I became pretty gun-shy about it because I was fearful that people would bring a new guest and be disappointed that they didn’t get to have the “full experience,” whatever that means. However, lately we’ve been toying with the idea again because of what we’ve been experiencing with the crowd in our more subtle moments, and we thought it was worth a shot.

Watching this week’s service reminded me again of something our team has said in years past; we can do things differently, they just have to be done at the same level of excellence. If you do an acoustic week and it’s a snoozer, people will be disappointed. But if you treat it with the same amount of energy and enthusiasm as a regular week with a full band, the music experience can have the same amount of impact. That was true yesterday, Todd and Brad are excellent guitar players and Scott is one of the best drummers in the city. Put that quality together with intentional song selection (Todd asked that we do “Furious,” so we could have an upbeat song and not just do a bunch of ballads or “mug-swingers”) and the same level of practice we put in every week, and the end result did not disappoint. Hopefully, even if it you brought someone for the first time, it was excellent enough to be exciting and engaging regardless of what instruments were used.

Do you regularly switch up your band? If so, how well do you feel like it connects with the people in your church?

Set List:

Pre-Service – Days Go By (Keith Urban), Free Fallin (Tom Petty), Thank God I’m A Country Boy (John Denver)

Worship – Furious (Bethel Church), 10,000 Reasons (Redman)

4 Responses to “Sunday Recap – Acoustic Day”

  • I was at the 6:00pm service at North Point last night and I thought Todd and the group did a fantastic job. I looked around and people were very engaged in worship. If I had brought a friend I believe they would not have been disappointed at all. The “experience” as in flashing lights, heavy drums, loud music is not what I go for anyway. The worship time, especially singing 10,000 reasons flowed through my heart and I felt His presence in a mighty way. Thanks to all of you for all your hard work.

  • I watch on-line as often as I can and had just got home from vacation (2 day drive). Really enjoyed the set. I have tried to encourage our worship leader to mix our music up a bit but there seems to be a hesitancy to so.

  • I’m a worship leader at a north point partner in Gaineville and we change it up with acoustic all the time. I love being creative an tryin to fid ways to change the sound of the song to make it energetic and interesting in an acoustic setting. I did coaching with Todd months ago and that was something we worked on. It’s fun to tone down and be creative with the songs.

  • We did an acoustic Sunday this week as well. It was my privilege to play the cajon, one of my favorite instruments!!! The key to making it work for us was to make sure the parts didn’t step on each other, especially the guitars and piano. I’m sure we weren’t up to North Point awesomeness, but we were pretty happy with how it turned out! Check out our results here:

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