Sunday Recap – “And In The End…”

On July 30, 2012 by Eddie

Sunday was our last week of the Summer Series at North Point, and from all accounts it was a great day. I was actually leading over at Watermarke Church for the first time in years, and that was an awesome experience. Mitchell, Jason and the entire SPD team have done an incredible job making that church a really welcoming environment for people in Northwest Atlanta. The last time I was at Watermarke was probably five years ago and the differences were everywhere. Huge thanks to Mitchell for letting me venture out that way, and for everyone at WC for such a warm welcome, hopefully we can do it again soon.

Meanwhile, at North Point, we wrapped up the Summer Series with a tribute to the “British Invasion,” obviously tipping our hats to the London Olympics. We were thankful to have the one and only Danny Dukes leading worship, which is always a huge treat. There’s not many people in the world as fun and easy to love as Danny. I hope to have an ounce of his enthusiasm for life and his deep love for his family when I’m in his stage of life. He really inspires me in many ways to loosen up and enjoy life instead of missing it in the scramble.

Our discussion around the office today was about how important it has been this summer to work with the broad theme of the “Summer Soundtrack.” By having a broad, all-inclusive theme, and the radio intro idea that helped us set up individual songs, we could really tailor each week to the gifts of the people we had on stage. That way we ended up with home runs on several occasions, instead of squeezing people into things that aren’t really them and cranking out singles or doubles. This week was a perfect example. Danny grew up idolizing the Beatles, and these songs are in his blood. So when we asked him if he’d be interested in singing seven of them in five minutes, he was more than enthusiastic. That enthusiasm showed up on stage as well.

For the most part, people can tell if you really believe in what you’re singing. That’s why it was so important to find the right songs for each of our singers, and I’m really thankful the framework of the Summer Series helped us make that happen.

Now the question is… what do we do next year? How do we do another eight weeks of pre-service music without it getting stale? Any ideas?

Sunday Set:

Pre-Service: You Really Got Me (The Kinks), Beatles Medley

Worship: Bless Your Name (Kirkland, Younker, Fields), Jesus Paid It All (Nifong, Stanfill)

3 Responses to “Sunday Recap – “And In The End…””

  • Thanks for coming to Watermarke it was really fun having you there. Amazing Love is an old one but good one.

  • Sunday was my first time at NPCC. I am a worship leader at Wiregrass Church in Dothan, AL and it was cool to see an older guy up there leading worship. It gives me hope that I don’t have to be young and wear skinny jeans to stay current. Thanks for the great perspective!

  • To your question…the first thing that comes to mind is a Juke Box theme with all the sounds and visuals (dropping of quarters and the disks moving and falling on to the turntable). You could start in the 50’s and move up a decade over the summer. The “Juke Box”could morph each decade along with the songs to reflect the advancement of technology over time….the constant is the music and how it always ministers to our soul.

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