Coming Soon – Fuller Seminary In Atlanta!

On August 1, 2012 by Eddie

One of the things I’m most excited about in life right now is that I’m going back to school in the fall. I know, it’s strange to get excited about going back to school, but that’s just how much of a nerd I am. After a lot of thinking, researching, and talking with friends, I decided to try and enroll at Fuller Theological Seminary in the fall. Originally, I hoped to just complete courses online, but as it turns out – they are opening a brand new remote center here in Atlanta. I’m pretty stoked.

Classes will be broadcast live from Pasadena, Calirfornia to the remote center at Peachtree Presbyterian, where students can interact with the faculty as the class goes on. Sounds pretty cool to me.

If you’re interested in finding out more, they are hosting an information meeting next Wednesday from 6-7pm at Peachtree Pres. You can find out all the details by visiting the Fuller – Atlanta website.

I’m pretty pumped about this, and I have to believe there are some other people in the Atlanta area that would be as well – so help me spread the word!

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  • I am almost done with an MAT from Fuller. I stopped 5 classes short of my degree years ago due to circumstances but feel called to complete it. I am here in ATL so you are not the only one excited :)

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