New Record – A “Sneak Peek”

On August 4, 2012 by Eddie

Less than 2 weeks until the release of my newest record, Kings & Queens. I can’t let you hear it right now, that will come soon, but I can let you see it. For fun, I decided to copy the lyrics from the entire record and run them through a Word Cloud generator. Word clouds basically take a bunch of text and lay it out visually so that the most frequent words appear larger, the less frequent words appear smaller. This was the result…

Screen shot 2012 07 27 at 2 14 43 PM

No idea what it means, but it looks pretty cool. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions– feel free to share them below.

If looking at the lyrics doesn’t do anything for you, stay tuned here, and you’ll hopefully be able to hear it very soon.

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