Sunday Recap – What’s More Important Than Football?

On August 6, 2012 by Eddie

Yesterday was a pretty simple day at North Point as far as music is concerned. After a summer filled with pre-service music and special requests, having a day of just two worship songs seemed like working in slow motion. Everybody did a great job, though, and it’s good to slow down and enjoy the periods where things aren’t quite so complicated. Next week is our first Sunday with five services, so I’m thankful for the rest!

Sunday worship set: Mighty To Save (Hillsong), 10,000 Reasons (Redman)

That being said… the most inspiring thing I saw yesterday came via my favorite football team. If you know anything about me, you know that I am a HUGE Jacksonville Jaguars fan. I know, that makes 3 of us. Trust me, I’ve heard all the jokes so you can lay them on me and it won’t hurt my feelings. Actually, being a Jags fan in Atlanta is something like a badge of honor. Probably something like Liechtenstein fans in the Olympic village.

Anyway, yesterday the Jags held their last training camp practice that was open to the public. One of the players on this year’s team, cornerback Aaron Ross, is married to Sonya Richards-Ross, the US track & field representative in the women’s 400m. Several months ago, Aaron Ross asked coach Mularkey if he could go to London to watch his wife race. Leaving during training camp for a week is not the best thing from a football standpoint. This is the most critical practice time of the year, and it would have been easy for Mularkey to say no. But what I love about this is that the head coach put family above football, gave him the thumbs up, and told Sonya to “go win it for us.” Family first, ahead of career, ahead of the team, I love it.

The 400m final happened yesterday during the team’s practice time, so Mularkey came up with an even better idea. The team media staff recorded the race and they instructed the fans and media not to let any of the players know the results. After practice, they led the team and all the fans in attendance into the stadium, onto the field, and watched the race on the jumbotron together. No one spilled the beans, and when she won gold it was a pretty cool moment.

Who knows if this will lead us to a Super Bowl (I can hope, right?), but I love the message it sends to the players and fans. Football is important, work is important, team is important, but family is worth more than all of it.

Here’s a YouTube video of the team watching the race, and for a better video, check out


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