On August 16, 2012 by Eddie

What a great week! I can’t thank you enough for helping make the release of Kings & Queens so much fun. Releasing a record is so nerve-wracking, you are putting your heart and soul into other people’s hands, and all the while you wonder if anyone is going to like it. You guys have all been so kind and encouraging, it really made this week pretty incredible. If you know me, you know I say “thank you” too much, annoyingly so, but seriously, “thank you!”

My friend Reuben asked if I could list out who all played on the record, and I thought that was a great idea. Most of you will probably never hold a physical copy of the record, so you’ll never get to see the list of people that made this thing happen. Side note: if I were to get these records pressed on vinyl, would anybody want to buy a copy? I know everybody’s going digital these days, but would anyone want a big, full-artwork record out there? Just curious.

Back to the task at hand – here it is, the group of people that made this week possible. I am so thankful for every one of you!!


Electric Guitars: Stu G, Jason Hoard, Daniel Carson & Nathan Nockels

Acoustic Guitars: Eddie Kirkland and Nathan Nockels

Piano and Keys: Nathan Nockels and Eddie Kirkland

Drums: Jacob Arnold

Percussion: Paul Whittinghill and Nathan Nockels

Bass: Jon Duke, Heath Balltzglier, and Pat Malone

Programming: Nathan Nockels and Eddie Kirkland

Cello: Claire Indie

BGVs: Nathan Nockels and Eddie Kirkland

Additional vocals: Casey Darnell, Danny Dukes, Taylor Harlow, Jordan Mitchell, Nick Pirtle, Jonathan Shelton

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this record happen: Matt Williams, Dan Stonaker and the entire North Point Music Team, Nathan Nockels, Laura Story, Jacob Arnold, Heath Balltzglier, Jon Duke, Pat Malone, Stu G, Daniel Carson, Jason Hoard, Paul Whittinghill, Claire Indie, “The Praise Graters” (Danny Dukes, Taylor Harlow, Jordan Mitchell, Nick Pirtle, & Jonathan Shelton), Steve Fee, Don Chaffer, Dustin Burnett, Ainslie Grosser, Alexis Ward, Lee Steffen, Mark Nicholas and Chris Hauser.

Thanks to the North Point team that makes my job so much fun: Evan McLaughlin, Reid Greven, Todd Fields, Karyn List, Jared Hamilton, Joel Thomas, Andy Stanley and the incredible NPCC staff, Seth Condrey, Casey Darnell, and all the musicians and worship leaders that make North Point such an amazing place to be.

Thanks to Brad Lomenick and the Catalyst team for giving me a shot all those years ago, and all my friends at Lighthouse Family Retreats.

Thanks to the faithful friends that have walked alongside and encouraged me in this journey: Mike Nelson, Elliott Moon, Jared Herd, John Hambrick, John Woodall, Jeff Shinabarger, and George Saoud.

Thanks to my incredible family, without you I don’t know where I would be: Mom, Dad, Chris & Kyle Kirkland; Rickey & Dina McDaniel; Josh & Kristen Lamm; and my two amazing kids – life is so much more beautiful with you in it.

Finally, thanks to my beautiful wife, Danielle. This journey has been more than you bargained for, but you refused to give up, and you walked alongside me through the mess. I can’t imagine a clearer picture of grace and love than what I see in you, and I can’t wait for the next chapter of our life together. I love you.

2 Responses to “THANK YOU!”

  • I absolutely would buy a vinyl!

  • Your music is ALWAYS so genuine and inspiring. The authenticity oozes from your voice alone — that, my friend, is an awesome gift from God. Even my kids can hear the authenticity. ‘Kings & Queens’ has been playing non-stop in our cars, bathrooms, kitchen, & bedrooms. Thanks for being you in your music. You are a blessing.

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