Sunday Recap – Getting Through To The Right Brain

On August 20, 2012 by Eddie

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Yesterday was a simple day for music at North Point. Two songs in the morning (we added a third for the evening services), and that was about it. We did, however, add a new song to the rotation and it went pretty well. Typically we don’t like to introduce new songs when we’re only doing two worship songs in a service. We try to put it in the middle of a three song set, so it is surrounded by familiar tunes. However, because of time constraints we have to stick with two songs more often than not, so sometimes we introduce new songs in a short worship set so we can keep our song list updated.

We started with a super familiar song to our church, Glory to God Forever, so that people had something easy to jump on board with. Then we introduced the new song, and people seemed to jump on and sing very quickly. Although the lyrics of “Have Your Way” were written to be hymn-like, with three kind of wordy verses and no bridge, the melodies are very simple and the arrangement is approachable. One thing we’ve noticed over the last few years is that we don’t have many songs that stay in an intimate-feel, most all of them eventually end up in a moment of huge-ness. We had to fight very hard to not make the band arrangement bombastic in the last chorus, with cymbals crashing and guitars playing huge open chords. Instead, we wanted this song to remain somewhat subdued, letting the power of the song come from the vocals and lyrics instead of Coldplay-style bashing. Hopefully, if the song continues to live on at North Point, it will be a nice change of pace and rest for the ears when we use it on a Sunday Morning. If you’d like to listen to the song live, you can check out the Vimeo video from our last night of worship.

While we were backstage yesterday we were talking about the new song and Danny Grady (guitar player) mentioned to me that it seemed like it was something “you didn’t over-think when you wrote it.” As I thought about it, I realized he was absolutely right, this was a complete right-brain song. About a year ago, I spent a weekend by myself writing music while Danielle took the kids out of town. I worked day and night trying to write and re-write songs, and I over-thought a lot! This song, however, came out of nowhere. I literally woke up one morning singing the melody and lyrics to the chorus, and the rest of the song came together very quickly. Danny and I were discussing that yesterday, and we both agreed it seems like that’s how songwriting works a lot of times. You have to work really hard so that something will come easily. It’s like we have to give the left-brain a puzzle to work on so the right-brain can come up with something completely different. This is why I like writing in the car, or the shower, or anything where my left-brain is totally occupied with something routine. Those are the moments where it seems like my creative side can start working again, and every once in a while something good will come from it.

What helps free you up to write or create? Any tips or tricks that help you wake up your creative brain?

Worship Set: Here and Now (PM only), Glory To God Forever, Have Your Way

2 Responses to “Sunday Recap – Getting Through To The Right Brain”

  • Wow Eddie….I’m the same way, but never realized that this could be why! All throughout highschool, I had to doodle in the margins to listen to analytical stuff…and thought of creative ideas in the shower and while doing routine. Awesome insight.

  • Eddie what a fantastic song! Very worshipful! Will you have the chords posted anywhere by chance? This song is so appropriate for so many members of our church!

    I am grateful for your music and the voice you are bringing to worship.

    thanks again!

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