Don’t be in a party… Be a party

On August 24, 2012 by Eddie


Okay, it’s Friday, and I thought it might be time for something fun this morning. I’m actually sitting in the Northwest Arkansas regional airport right now (5:30am), headed home from a great Catalyst One Day trip, but it’s early and I need a little laugh.

Last week I attended the Plywood People conference in Atlanta, where I learned a ton and met some great people. In a few days I’ll post my notes from the conference, there were some really intriguing speakers and interesting conversations. There was one presenter, however, that caught everyone’s attention: The Kid President. In the midst of a day of heavy thoughts and lengthy dialogue, these videos brought some much-needed laughter, as I hope they will for you.

So, in the ramp-up to what looks to be an incredibly negative and lengthy campaign season, let’s all take some advice from the Kid President himself: “Don’t be in a party… be a party.”

Check out the Kid President YouTube channel for more great videos, and maybe we can have a little bit of fun this election season.

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