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On September 8, 2012 by Eddie

3 Things I’m excited about today…

3. HEADING HOME: I’m in the Orlando airport, getting ready to head home after a great two days at the Momentum conference. It was a great chance to connect with Christian radio broadcasters from around the country, and it was well worth the trip, but it’s always better going home. I guess I’m just a homebody, but I always prefer being with my wife and kids, no matter how interesting the opportunity or exotic the destination. I mean come on, how do you not want to go home and see this?


Seriously, who can deny that face? I’m in some big trouble in about 15 years.

2. MOVING DAY: Three weeks ago my family moved into a new house, and I don’t know that I could be more grateful. For the six weeks before we moved, all four of us lived in one bedroom together, so just the fact that the kids have their own rooms is absolutely glorious. Today, my sister-in-law and brother-in-law move into their new house down the street, and I’m hurrying home to help them unload the trucks. It’s really awesome to have family close by that you love and want to see, and it’s even better to be able to walk home from their house. Moving is no fun, but the end result is going to be incredible.


Imgres 4

If you don’t already know me, you’ll quickly learn that I am a huge Jacksonville Jaguars fan. You heard me right, there are Jaguars fans in the world, no matter what you may have heard. This is, without a doubt, my favorite weekend of the year. I know as a Worship Leader and church staff member, I should probably say Easter or Christmas is my favorite weekend, but this one trumps all others in my mind. Why? Because it’s the opening weekend in the NFL, and every fan believes their team has a shot to win the Super Bowl. As of Sunday night, that feeling will probably be long gone, but as of today I’m enjoying the hope of a new year.

So I know I’m a super-fan, but if anyone is headed to Vegas anytime soon, put a couple bucks on Jacksonville winning the superbowl (currently the worst odds in the NFL, but that’s besides the point). I mean, anything is possible as of today, right?

What’s your “Top Three” today?

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