Wednesday, Dec 5 – Advent Project – Daily Prayer

On December 5, 2012 by Eddie


We’re four days into the Advent Project journey, and hopefully the rhythm of prayer is starting to make sense and become a life-giving habit for this season. Today we’re going to be led in prayer by Candi Shelton, another local worship leader and friend. Candi is Jonathan Shelton’s (see December 3!) wife, and an unbelievable leader and singer, and lives in Alpharetta with their two boys. Thanks Candi!

One extra note for today: tomorrow is Saint Nicholas’ day, something I had never heard of or celebrated until recently. Funny thing is, we already celebrate Saint Nicholas without knowing it, we just call him Santa Claus. But traditionally, the church celebrates the actual St. Nick and his generosity on Dec 6th. If you’d like to learn more, and possibly celebrate Saint Nicholas’ day with your family, click here to read more.

**For more information on why we are celebrating Advent, and how to join in the following prayers, check out the Advent Project homepage. To subscribe to this blog, and receive future daily prayer updates via email, click here.

Wednesday, December 5th


Today’s video: December 5 Video

2 Responses to “Wednesday, Dec 5 – Advent Project – Daily Prayer”

  • Beautiful and moving! Thank you for this blessing. I just joined today and will pass this along to others, especially my friend who used to live in Germany and is missing Advent.

  • ok…I can’t hear a word Candi is saying because she’s just too beautiful! awww, my share that lipstick shade!! whoo hoooo!! Candi, thank you for leading us in this prayer of Advent..Eddie, thanks for this blog…I look forward to my extra daily word from you:)

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