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On December 25, 2012 by Eddie


We’ve finally made it to one of the greatest days of the year. I hope you have enjoyed spending these 24 days together, and I sincerely hope it has enriched your entire month of December. Please stay in touch with me, and let me know if you have any thoughts on ways we can improve this for next year.

There’s one more reading left, and you’ll notice that it’s quite different today. This is a day of celebration, a day to remember Jesus and the joy of hope fulfilled. We still look forward to the day the Kingdom of God will come in all its fullness, but for today, we celebrate God’s presence with us. Merry Christmas everybody, have an incredible day!

**For more information on why we are celebrating Advent, and how to join in the following prayers, check out the Advent Project homepage.

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Tuesday, December 25th




Today’s video: December 25 Video

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  • eddie, this has been a wonderful experience. i am new to the BCP and its practice, so i didn’t spend a lot of time trying to understand why the readings were put together the way they were. i just submitted myself to the discipline and trusted that God would use it.

    i did find myself anticipating this day more because of going through this experience. thanks for all the effort you put forth to organize this. having the dropbox for the readings and the videos made it possible to participate however i could. some days, all i was able to do was listen along. others, i enjoyed lingering over the words and studying them. i shared this with multiple people and i don’t know who joined along and who didn’t, but thanks again. it was meaningful to me.

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