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On February 12, 2013 by Eddie

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When you think about Easter, what comes to mind? Growing up in my family, it always involved a few rituals: a new outfit for church, a basket of goodies, a packed-out service, and a big lunch. In terms of annual celebrations, Easter always took a backseat to Christmas. It seemed in many ways like a forgotten holiday, and more often than not I still overlook it today.

The Lent Project is our attempt to try and make Easter Sunday something special, something we look forward to and anticipate for more than just chocolate and brunches. It is a journey through the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday, a journey of prayer and reading scripture that helps us focus on our sin and Christ’s sacrifice. It is a journey that we will take together, as a community of people, reading the same scriptures and praying the same prayers as one. Also, since we’re reading through the 450-year old Book of Common Prayer, we’re joining with thousands of other believers around the world who are praying along with us day by day.

This journey started with the Advent Project, which we started in 2012 for the musicians and worship leaders at North Point. During that four week journey, people from around the world joined in with us, praying and reading as we led up to Christmas morning. This time, we are going to be led by musicians, worship leaders, and pastors from North Point Community Church, as well as some voices from other churches in Atlanta and around the country who are passionate about re-discovering the season of Lent. If you joined us for the Advent Project, you’ll notice the readings are shorter and simpler, hopefully easier to fit into a busy schedule.

So, if you’d like to partner with us in this six-week process, here’s how to jump in:

1. Morning Prayer – Plan on spending 5-8 minutes each day, praying or listening to the Morning Prayer. There’s several ways to do this, just choose the one that fits you best:

  • Download the Morning Prayers, print them out and read along each day. You can find the full list of prayers by clicking here.
  • Subscribe to the blog and receive each morning’s video and a link to the daily prayer each day. You can subscribe by clicking here.
  • Visit the blog each day and listen to the Morning Prayer video. Each day, someone will be posting a video, reading and guiding us through the prayer. The videos are 5-7 minutes long, and you could listen to them in your car each morning or during your morning workout.

2. Share What’s Happening – Come back to the blog and share your thoughts. What is God teaching you? What questions do you have? What can the rest of the community pray for? Leave a comment and join the conversation.

3. Invite Your Friends – – This idea began as something to help some of our musicians and worship leaders, but my hope is that other people who are interested would jump in and follow along as well. Feel free to spread the word, and let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas on how to improve this for the future.

That’s it! So jump in with us and walk through this six-week journey. My prayer is that it enriches your spring, and makes this Easter a little more meaningful this year.

Ready to begin? Click here to get started.

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  • Thanks so much for offering this to us, the body of Believers. I am excited to join with others in OUR church that want to make Easter special by joining with the millions of other believers who will be joining in this age old tradition which seems fresh and new to me.Thanks for sharing with us!

  • …late to the party, but am so thankful you shared your heart and allowed others to share theirs!:)

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