Feb 18 – Lent Project – Matthew Bailey

On February 18, 2013 by Eddie

Hey guys…it’s day 6 of the lent project.  I hope it’s helping you “to be found in him…and at peace.” (2 Peter 3:14)  I’m Matthew Bailey and I’m currently serving as the Music Director at North Point….no wait a minute, that’s Eddie 😉  I’m a worship leader and musician from Griffin,  GA.  I have a wife named Lizi and 5 kids: Ezra 12, Silas 9, Lyric 7, Sunny 6, Daisy 2.

In today’s reading Jesus performs His first miracle “through which he revealed his glory.” (John 2:11)  I get used to the word “glory” and the thought of God’s glory.  The dictionary defines glory as “great beauty, magnificence, high honor and renown.”  It’s good to step back and think how privileged we are that He has shared his “glory” with us and that we have an eternity to bask in and experience His “glory.”  We are beyond blessed to be recipients of his unfailing love!

– Matthew

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