Feb 19 – Lent Project – Dee Dee Westbrook

On February 19, 2013 by Eddie

Good morning. Or afternoon. Or evening. I’m Dee Dee Westbrook and am a worship leader and musician in career. I married an incredible man named Michael Westbrook a little over a year ago. We create and play music together and live in Decatur with our not-so-much children, as they are animals, Molly and Prudence. It’s Tuesday, day 7 of our Lent Project. I’m praying this has and will continue to be a fresh way to encounter and celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ and how real these events are to our lives. Growing up in a Southern Baptist church in Florida, I have never really observed Lent much. This is my first year to really dive into the journey of preparation for the 40 days leading up to Easter.

Today we read about Jesus chasing the money changers from the temple, purging a sacred place of ugliness and greed. These men had made a mockery of sacrifice for their own gain and it made Jesus angry. So he cleared them out. Not politely, but with a whip and a vengeance. I have to believe that as we pray for God’s Kingdom to be set up in our midst, that there are selfish practices that Christ drives out of our hearts with as much fervor.

Our first scripture is from one of my favorite passages in Joel. It says to “Rend our hearts and not our garments.” It was a common practice to tear your garments publicly when mourning or repenting. It was an outward sign of what was happening inwardly. But, so often, our outward symbols don’t mirror our hearts, but act as a convenient sign to those around us that all is right with our hearts. God makes it clear that He doesn’t want our sacrifices without us sacrificing ourselves. The point is not our money, or time, or songs, or tearing of our garments. The point is the laying down of our lives. The point is the tearing of our hearts before Him and no one else. Only when we sacrifice our hearts can God do a great work in them.

Let’s continually invite Him, today, to “set up His Kingdom in our midst.”

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