More Than Just A Rock – Matt Maher – A LentProject Perspective

On February 20, 2013 by Eddie

It’s been a week since we started praying and reading together throughout the Lent season, and I hope it’s been a meaningful journey for you so far. Personally, it has helped force me to carve out some space and meditate, which has been massively helpful over the last few days. Bit by bit, I’m beginning to sense a little bit more of a connection to the Spirit, my eyes are a little bit more open to where He’s working. I hope it’s doing the same for you.

Today, I’m really happy to provide another Lent Project Perspective, this time from a friend and fellow worship leader/songwriter, Matt Maher. If you’re not familiar with Matt, you should be! He’s a brilliant songwriter and a great guy, and his music has helped influence the church more than most people even know (think “Your Grace Is Enough” among others). One thing about Matt that has always intrigued me is his background as a practicing Catholic. Matt exhibits an incredible balance between two worlds, the Catholic and Protestant, liturgical and contemporary, and I thought he might have some very important things to say about journeying through the Lenten season.

Below you’ll find a quick video of Matt discussing what Lent means, and what it should mean in all of our lives. I hope you enjoy it! And, if you do enjoy it, as a way to say “thank you,” go over to iTunes and buy some of his music, I promise you’ll love it.

– Eddie

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