Feb 27 – Lent Project – Todd Fields

On February 27, 2013 by Eddie

I am the husband of Carrie and father of Chandler, Carter, Connor, and Collin Fields. Chandler just turned 15 so the amazing journey continues:) Collin is our baby and is now 9! I am the director of Worship Leader Development at North Point Ministries and work with pastoring and developing leaders at our 5 campuses in the metro Atlanta area as well as bridging the gap between what we do in Atlanta and our strategic partner churches around the US.

Todays reading speaks a good bit about waiting….something that is never fun, but usually turns out to be a good thing.Whether it was waiting for my wife to come along, the timing on the purchase of a home, or not burning through Christmas money because I feel the need to spend it…I’ve definitely seen the benefits of waiting and the consequences of rushing. Let’s take a deep breath…rest a second and dive in together today to words that have been around for generations that bring life and give us perspective.

– Todd

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