Mar 4 – Lent Project – Eddie Kirkland

On March 4, 2013 by Eddie

It’s day 20, which means we’ve spent almost 3 weeks together on this journey. How’s it going? What are you learning? How are you growing? Like Matt Maher said last week, Lent is meant to be a pilgrimage. Hopefully you’re beginning to feel a sense of motion, like we’re moving slowly from one place to another, with a goal in sight. For me personally, it’s been a subtle shift, a sense that there is a quiet voice speaking into my life each morning. Nothing earth-shaking, but a daily reminder of the reality of God’s presence.

Today we’re studying a passage from John 7 where Jesus reveals the source of his wisdom and strength. It’s a challenging prayer for me, as I am consistently trying to either speak from a place of personal strength or shield my weaknesses and insecurities from others. Jesus was completely transparent, and I hope today I can take a few steps in that direction as well.

Blessings on you and your family, today, and throughout the days to come in this journey!

– Eddie

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