Mar 5 – Lent Project – Eddie Kirkland

On March 5, 2013 by Eddie


Hello again, hope your week started off well yesterday! One thing that was really cool in my day yesterday was getting an email from someone in South Africa who has been journeying along with us in prayer (If you’re reading today, Chris, howzit?!) It was a really cool reminder that as we read these simple prayers, we’re joining our hearts with people all across the world. I often get caught up in thinking that my spiritual journey is a personal thing. This project has been a great picture for me of what it can mean to grow with a community of people, to take steps forward together. So thanks for being a part of this little prayer community!

Today we’re back in John 7, thinking about where power, status, and fame have a hold on our lives. Yikes! This one will be tough to process. Here we go…

– Eddie

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