Mar 8 – Lent Project – Eddie Kirkland

On March 8, 2013 by Eddie


Thanks for joining us again for another day of the Lent Project. Today we’re exploring the idea of renewing our mind. A huge part of Jesus’ ministry was shaking up the way people think and look at the world. He didn’t eliminate or contradict the Old Testament, he taught people the correct way to read it, through the lens of love. So today we ask the question, where do we need to re-examine our thinking about the world around us? Where are we lacking in love? Where do we need to be shaken up a bit?

Oh, and by the way, the video freezes a little bit and makes me look a little ridiculous. Sorry! But the audio keeps rolling, so close your eyes and listen along. And make all the jokes you like.

Let’s get to it…

– Eddie

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