Mar 14 – Lent Project – Reid Greven

On March 14, 2013 by Eddie


Welcome back, everyone! Yesterday was the end of the Drive Conference, and it was an incredible 3 days here at North Point. I was blown away by how many people I met that were already on-board and dedicated to reaching the unchurched in their communities. I don’t know what kind of church tradition you grew up with, but when I was a kid the idea of “church for the unchurched” was a pretty crazy (some would say heretical!) notion. Now, to see it not only thriving but being embraced by people from literally all around the world, it was a really cool experience. There’s some cool things going on in the church these days.

Today we’re led by Reid Greven, who is a great friend and incredible colleague here at North Point. For those of you that attend North Point, you have no idea how much of what you see and hear on Sundays has Reid’s fingerprints on it. He’s the “man behind the curtain,” making everything happen week after week. Alright, time to dive in, here we go…

– Eddie

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