Mar 19 – Lent Project – Derrak Ostovic

On March 19, 2013 by Eddie


Hey everybody, welcome to day 35 of the lent project. I hope that you’ve enjoyed this journey so far. I’ve found a lot of value in experiencing Lent in a new way through the Lent Project. It’s challenged me to be more disciplined on a daily basis and I’m remembering that there is great spiritual life to be found in that rhythm. My name is Derrak Ostovic and I’m currently serving as the Service Programming Director at Anthem Church in Gainesville, FL. But the most important role I have is the one of husband and father to my wife Melanie and our two sons, Jackson (8) and Evan (5).

Today is St. Joseph’s Day and we’re going to an unlikely place for a lent journey. We are going to the very beginning of Jesus’ life to learn from his earthly father, Joseph. In our reading we’ll see not only the kind of man Joseph was, but also the kind a faith that he had.

Click on those links below and lets begin.

– Derrak

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