Mar 23 – Lent Project – Ryan Stuart

On March 23, 2013 by Eddie


Hello everybody, and happy Saturday to you.  I’m Ryan Stuart.  Glad to be with you for our daily prayer, reading, and processing.  This is day 39, which means we’re almost completely thru our time together, leading up to the week of Easter.

Much of today’s reading centers on the power and strength of God.  We hear the Psalmist’s dramatic request for God’s rescue.  We read a prayer of worship — in response to God’s strength — from the Book of Revelation.  And in the middle of all of this, we read about how, in spite of Jesus’ many earthly signs and wonders, his very own people refused to see him for who he was.  He was the king they had longed for; but they would not, could not, see him because of their hard hearts.

Today, we ask God for sensitivity — an awareness of his work in and around us.  “Let us see you in our lives, Jesus, even in the mundane and unexpected.  Let us recognize you!”

Let’s quiet our hearts and be led together today.

– Ryan

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