Mar 24 – Lent Project – Candi Shelton – Palm Sunday!

On March 24, 2013 by Eddie


Hey, guys.  Candi here again. Musician, baker, wife of the handsomely bearded Jonathan, and mom to the adorable Elias and Ellery. :)

It’s Palm Sunday, and a great day for reflecting on the beauty and richness of this one word:  Hosanna. “Save us, we pray!”  We’ll get into it a little more in the video, but I wanted to just challenge us to remember the history that is embodied in that one word, and to reflect on the hope we have and the celebration we invoke now by singing “Hosanna in the highest!” Our salvation has come, and through Jesus Christ we have everything for life.  He turned the cries for salvation into rejoicing by coming to us. He is the answer to the prayer, and all of that meaning is conveyed in one word; Hosanna.  Pretty amazing, huh?  Let’s read together see this great truth woven through these passages.

– Candi

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