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On March 27, 2013 by Eddie


Hi y’all, Dee Dee Westbrook here. For those just jumping in or who may not know me, I am a musician here in Atlanta. I have the privilege of leading worship with the campuses of North Point Community Church. I hope you’re all experiencing Lent and the journey to Easter in a new and enlightening way this year. I have loved the discipline of taking a moment to encounter God each day during this season, seeking His face and truth. It has been new for me to be aware of the season in another way than just the presence of Cadbury Mini-Eggs at the grocery store (and in my belly!)

Today is the Wednesday before Easter. The day before Jesus would share His last supper with his disciples. So much can happen in one week. On Sunday, Jesus was welcomed into the city by crowds hailing Him as the Messiah, praising Him for things they didn’t even understand. The disciples were probably joking around these first few days of this week, probably enjoying one another and the holiday of Passover with Jesus. Jesus knew all that was coming this week, yet He had a perfect unending grace in bearing it quietly. It makes me ask, every year, what is at the end of this week more than 2000 years later?

I used to live my life ashamed for what Jesus did for us. Not ashamed OF it but FOR it. I was guilty and sorry. But God did not send His Son to condemn us or shame us at all. He did not want our shame, but for us to see His LIGHT and GLORY. Christ knows all the darkness that overtakes us. His unending grace is the Light in which He offers us to walk. Wednesday of Holy Week was still light for most. The darkness hadn’t started quite yet for those around Him. Let’s walk in the Light while we still have it today, and celebrate that “His grace is unending.”

– Dee Dee

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