This Is Not The End

On April 1, 2013 by Eddie

It’s hard to believe we’ve finally reached the end of the Lent Project journey. After 47 days of praying and reading together, and a long weekend of Easter services, I am exhausted and replenished all at once. In many ways, today feels like crossing a huge finish line.

But the beauty of Easter is that today is not the finish line. Today is a beautiful beginning. When Jesus walked from the tomb, the same power that spoke the cosmos into being began working again. New Creation arrived in the glorious risen figure of Jesus Christ. That new creation has been spreading like wildfire ever since, creating new life in dead hearts, new beauty in dead communities, new hope in dead places. Amazingly, over 2,000 years later that new creation has reached our hearts, and we too have followed Jesus in moving from death to life.

This, of course, is the best part. Those of us that have received the risen life we celebrated yesterday are now partners in the greatest project in history: God’s plan to restore all things. Not only can we “face tomorrow” because He lives, we can change tomorrow. We can bring pieces of the kingdom of God to life in the world around us. Through the power of God’s Spirit in us, we can speak words of life, we can bring hope to the helpless, and create beauty and peace wherever we walk.

So for all of you who have journeyed with us for the last 47 days, thank you so much! My hope is that the entire Lent Project has helped enrich your Easter and bring a deeper awareness of what really happened that first Easter morning. Now, as we move forward, I pray that we can be a community of people that brings new, Resurrection-life in our homes and communities. Let us be people committed to changing the status-quo, not through conflict and argument, but through love, humility, and service to the world around us.

Thanks again for joining us for the Lent Project. There will be more blog posts in the days and months ahead, and we hope to re-start our daily prayer journey for the AdventProject this fall. Keep in touch, and happy Easter!

Grace and Peace,

– Eddie

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