Taking A “Leap” – A New Chapter & Why I’ve Been Web-Silent

On October 14, 2013 by Eddie

You may have noticed that I’ve gone a little silent online. Okay, maybe not a “little” silent…more like completely silent: no blogs, no tweets, no facebook posts, nothing. Indeed, I’ve gone completely missing from the internet, and before I climb back into the online world I thought it was worth an explanation.

This past year and a half has been a really interesting one for my family and I. Last summer, we moved to a new house and released a new record in the same month (not wise). Then in the winter we went through a pretty rough season when my wife miscarried. I also started going back to school, which I love, but it has eaten up pretty much every ounce of free time I once enjoyed. Add to that a three year old and one-and-a-half year old running around, and suddenly I’ve found myself a bit underwater.

More than that, however, over the past year I started gradually noticing a growing internal restlessness and sense that change was coming on the horizon. It was nothing bad or alarming, I was extremely grateful for my current situation, but I began feeling as though God was turning the page to a new season of life. But what was on the next page? That was a mystery to me, and because I couldn’t figure out exactly where God was leading, I stayed put and waited for further notice.

Eventually, God broke his silence and began to speak pretty clearly to Danielle and I. Although we didn’t understand it at the time, we felt as though He was leading us into a new chapter, and specifically leading me to leave my full-time role at North Point. Of course, this was a huge leap for me, since North Point has been such an incredible place to work, learn and grow.  I literally had a dream-job, and the sheer thought of resigning my position seemed a bit like an out-of-body experience in which I kept trying to slap myself in the face and make sure I knew what I was doing!

In the end, though, Danielle and I both knew that God was asking us to take a leap, and leap we did. I spoke with Evan, my INCREDIBLY gracious boss, and officially resigned my position as Music Director at North Point. In return, he responded by helping create the space I needed to think and pray about where our next step would be (seriously, best boss ever). So I prayed, and sought wisdom, and prayed, and eventually thought I had my course planned out. I would try to find another position at North Point in a completely different part of the organization, a chance to learn something brand new and let God continue to stretch my pastoral gifts and abilities. It made total sense, and I was really excited about the change.

…and then, God surprised me. Actually, more like side-swiped me. The simple, safe future I thought I had laid out in front of me got completely turned upside down. All of a sudden, God spoke as clearly as day, and I was off in a new direction. What direction, you might ask? I’ll have to save that for an upcoming post, but I can hardly wait to share the story.

All that to say, as of August 11th I am no longer a North Point staffer, which has been a very bittersweet transition for me. Although I still get the chance to lead worship and be a part of the North Point family, I will definitely miss being a part of the NP staff. I can’t imagine a more talented and incredible group of people to be surrounded by, and I’m so grateful for every moment of my time there.

For everyone who wondered why I’ve gone so quiet, it’s because God has been preparing my family to take a huge leap. Instead of “business as usual,” we’ve tried to disconnect a bit and get as much clarity as possible for the future. And in the end, that clarity has come and I can’t wait to start moving in a new direction. 

So now, I’m beginning to re-emerge from my internet silence, and I can’t wait to share the rest of this incredible story.

14 Responses to “Taking A “Leap” – A New Chapter & Why I’ve Been Web-Silent”

  • Wow! May God guide and hold steady each of your footsteps, hops, leaps and everything in between. He is an amazing God — full of surprises and challenges.

    • Thanks Karen! Appreciate your encouragement and prayer. Definitely some surprises and challenges so far.

  • We will miss you being on staff and are grateful for everything you have done. We look forward with anticipation to see where God leads.

  • Sounds like a very familiar journey. Praying for you as you navigate this new season my friend.

  • Yeah Eddie, the Pastor here in Ohio, where I will be for a while till God opens the door to get back there again. In fact two Pastors here said The winds are blowing and direction is changing for a lot of Christians and even in the churches! I feel a lot has changed in my life! :)

  • Eddie, your music and your ministry through the Catalyst Conferences has deeply impacted me as a worship leader. I am excited to hear about your future plans… I’ll follow your legacy closely… keep putting out music, so I can keep leading my congregation with great, God-honoring music!

  • Living on the edge! Can’t wait to hear what the Father has in store. No doubt you were born for such a time as this.

  • Eddie, I wish you all the best! I am blessed to have known you during our short time working together. Your music has ministered to me many times, and I have a huge amount of respect for your example as a willing servant and passionate evangelist. We’ll all miss you!

  • If you have FAITH, you’ll make it.

  • Hey Eddie.. May God continue to bless and keep you and the family!!.. I can’t wait until you reveal the rest of your story.. I know God has something Great in store for you.. Praying for you and the family..

  • Eddie

  • Whoops on the last try..lol
    Saw you at Browns Bridge tonight. Always enjoy your music. I could not help bit think of this song my friend Esse Mae Brooks sings..she is from Perry Georgia. I know God has you future all planned out. So easy to see the past..so hard to predict the future. So thought you may enjoy the message in this song. Ill be prayin for you and as a fellow musician..Ill be playin for you too.
    I am truly grateful for all of your music. It reaches me in a emotional way..moves me..
    Esse Mae would simply say “you gotta have rain in your life; to appreciate the sunshine”
    Well..i could not add the url..
    To hear the song copy this into you tube
    Esse mae brooks rain in your life..

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