Introducing the 2013 Advent Project

On November 28, 2013 by Eddie

[Note: For those of you who followed along via this blog last year, we’ve now moved the Advent Project to The Parish blog. You can stay tuned here, we’ll continue to post all the important devotionals, but if you’d like to visit us online at The Parish, we’d love to connect with you there!]

We’re so excited to launch the 2013 Advent Project! As we journey through the next four weeks, we’ll be joining not only with The Parish, but with millions of believers all over the world and throughout history. Our hope is that this project brings a new depth and significance to the Christmas season, and makes December 25th a richer celebration.

Guiding us through the Advent Project this year is a simple document called the Advent Guide. There, we’ve highlighted some Scripture readings and prayers from the Book of Common Prayer to help us focus our hearts and minds this season. In addition, The Parish leadership team will be blogging devotionals throughout the coming weeks. Our hope is that this journey unites our hearts as we reflect on Jesus’ long-awaited birth, and lean forward in the anticipation of his return. Click here to download the Advent Guide.

So download the Advent Guide and stay tuned to The Parish Blog, and get ready for a great Advent season!

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