I am a singer/songwriter/worship leader from Atlanta, Georgia, and I’m currently serving as the Music Director for North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia. More important than all of that, I am a father to an amazing little boy named Jude, a beautiful baby girl named Emmeline, and husband to my high-school hottie, Danielle. I’m learning a lot of lessons the hard way, trying to figure out how to balance the responsibilities God has given me. In the end, all I want is to be a healthy man, an engaged father, a faithful husband, and a prolific writer.


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  • Does your new blog still have an RSS feed? I prefer that to being emailed. The site looks great btw.

  • Just found you on iTunes, I first thought you were another band I had heard of but I saw your name in the iTunes bar and thought: huh, he must be new! Sure enough, here I am, your 299th like on Facebook. From the previews, I’m already sold.

  • Just got the joy of being a part of the worship at Catalyst… AWESOME. Is there any chance I could find a chord chart to “The Solution” anywhere? I would love to lead that song at my little church sometime soon.

  • Hi Eddie,

    At Catalyst in October 2012 you did a medley of LOVE songs only using 4 chords. Can I get a list of those songs emailed to me? terrymaycbc@yahoo.com It was when the couple got engaged. That was brilliant. I know you must have had a list :) I think… Anyway if you have that handy I would love a copy. Thanks soooo much :)

    God’s Strength,
    Terry May
    Crossville TN

  • Wanting to know where/when you will perform in Seattle. Want to be there! My husband and I used to live in cumming, GA and attended Mountain Lake church and saw you perform “beautiful” about five years ago. Knew then that God had provided you with a great gift. We now “attend” Northpoint on roku. Attended Northpoint for several years prior to Mountain Lake. Excited to be able to hear Rodney Anderson preach as well. Bought Kings and Queens and listened to it yesterday. Buying it to give to friends and family. It’s awesome!

    • Dang! We just sat down to dinner after catalyst one day and I just saw your comment. Sorry I missed you!! Thanks so much for saying hello and picking up the record. So glad you enjoy it!!

  • Hello Eddie,

    Got home from the Catalysts Dallas and was so impressed I had to buy the Kings and Queens CD. My 10 year old daughter Rachel has been listening non-stop since I got home. She wants to sing “Brighter Days” at her school’s talent show this year. Do you have an accompaniment version of it?

    Any way thank you so much for your contributions to the Catalyst Conference.


  • Eddie, I think I remember meeting you a long time ago when I would visit Jacksonville, FL, and go to my aunt and uncle’s church. I remember meeting a young man with your name whose dad was the pastor. I forget the name of the church though. Was that you? Did you grow up in Jacksonville?

  • Hi Eddie, I wanted to let you know how much your music has touched me. Sorry to say I hadn’t heard your name until both my kids started working at North Point, but I had heard your music at church in Stillwater. I love listening to you at church (when I’m in Georgia) and online when watching church each Sunday. Thank you for your commitment to Christ and sharing your talent with the rest of the world.

  • Hi Eddie, my church is looking to do a recording of some songs and a couple of the songs are yours. How do we go about getting a mechanical license to be able to record your songs?

  • I started going to Northpoint back in high school ’06. Your voice always connected with me. I just got your CD and am happy to have some Northpoint jams again as I moved away a long time ago. Your voice rocks.

  • Please contact me: K-LOVE RADIO and I are making a Moive. Wanted permission rights for a song. Please email me Brent@ChristianWorshipChannel.com

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