21st Mar

Mar 21 – Lent Project – JD Myers

  Hi! Welcome to day 37 of the Lent Project. My name is JD Myers and I serve on the worship team at Passion City Church in Atlanta, GA. I have the privilege of traveling and leading worship by playing guitar with many local lead worshippers. In today’s reading, we see the Father’s commitment to […]

20th Mar

Mar 20 – Lent Project – Ryan Atkinson

  Welcome to Day 36 of The Lent Project. I hope you are enjoying our journey toward Easter as much as I am. My name is Ryan Atkinson. I am a newlywed to the truly one-and-only Bethany, serve with North Point in leading people to a growing relationship with Christ as a musician, and love to be in the […]

19th Mar

Mar 19 – Lent Project – Derrak Ostovic

  Hey everybody, welcome to day 35 of the lent project. I hope that you’ve enjoyed this journey so far. I’ve found a lot of value in experiencing Lent in a new way through the Lent Project. It’s challenged me to be more disciplined on a daily basis and I’m remembering that there is great […]

18th Mar

Mar 18 – Lent Project – Jonathan Vinke

  Happy Monday everybody. Today, we are joined by my friend from 12Stone church, Jonathan Vinke. Hope this journey has been a blessing to you thus far, there’s only two more weeks left! – Eddie **For more information on why we are celebrating Lent, and how to join in the following prayers, check out the […]

17th Mar

Mar 17 – Lent Project – Elliott Moon

  Today is day 46 of the Lent project.  I hope you have found this time to be really fruitful and consequential in your journey.  My name is Elliott Moon.  I am the husband to Cori, and Father to Sophie, Lilli, and Ruby.  I am on staff at Browns Bridge Community Church and drink way […]

16th Mar

Mar 16 – Lent Project – Carlos Whittaker

  Happy Saturday everybody! Today’s reading is led by a friend and worship leader who knows way more about this blogging thing than me! Seriously, if you’ve never checked out Carlos’s blog, take some time to visit ragamuffinsoul.com He is a great guy, and a great voice to have in the mix during our journey. […]

15th Mar

Mar 15 – Lent Project – Shelly Johnson

  Hi Everyone, my name is Shelly Johnson, and I serve on staff as a worship leader at First Baptist Woodstock.  I’ve been married to my wonderful husband & best friend, Jack, for almost eight years. Today in our reading, we are reminded that God is our Source of life.  When we abide in Him, […]

14th Mar

Mar 14 – Lent Project – Reid Greven

  Welcome back, everyone! Yesterday was the end of the Drive Conference, and it was an incredible 3 days here at North Point. I was blown away by how many people I met that were already on-board and dedicated to reaching the unchurched in their communities. I don’t know what kind of church tradition you […]

13th Mar

Mar 13 – Lent Project – Chris Arias

  Hi. I’m Chris Arias. I’m a writer and producer and play in the band at several Northpoint campuses and Free Chapel. I’ve been married to Andi, a wonderful woman with an amazing heart for 21 years. We live in Cumming, GA with our three kids: Grayson – 16, Gigi – 15 and Maggie – […]

12th Mar

Mar 12 – Lent Project – Elizabeth Lincoln

  My name is Elizabeth Lincoln and among other things, I am a lover of true stories, especially the kind that make you believe you can do something you never thought possible. Just a random little fact for you. As for our readings today, I don’t know about you, but learning to trust in God’s […]