11th Mar

Mar 11 – Lent Project – Eddie Kirkland

  It’s Day 27 of the Lent Project, which means there are only 20 more days left in our journey to Easter. I’m back again today to lead us through the daily prayer, where we’re reading through the story of the feeding of the 5,000. If you haven’t already heard, today is the beginning of […]

10th Mar

Mar 10 – Lent Project – Tim Cooper

  Welcome to Day 26th of the Lent Project.  It is awesome to get to be with you all again.  My name is Tim Cooper and I am the Starting Point Director at North Point. Today we are focusing on trusting in God.  Often times we are tempted to look at our circumstances in order […]

09th Mar

Mar 9 – Lent Project – Eddie Kirkland

  I’m back again to lead us through another LentProject reading. Don’t worry, I’m not doing all the videos from here on out. There are a ton of people working on videos for the days ahead, can’t wait to share them with you! In the meantime, thanks for sticking with us! Today is Saturday, which […]

08th Mar

Mar 8 – Lent Project – Eddie Kirkland

  Thanks for joining us again for another day of the Lent Project. Today we’re exploring the idea of renewing our mind. A huge part of Jesus’ ministry was shaking up the way people think and look at the world. He didn’t eliminate or contradict the Old Testament, he taught people the correct way to […]

07th Mar

Mar 7 – Lent Project – Ryan Haworth

  Good Morning! Welcome to Day 23 of the Lent Project.  My name is Ryan Haworth and I am the Pastor of Next Gen Worship Development at 12Stone Church in Lawrenceville.  My wife Courtney is the most amazing woman I know, we have the best dog ever, and we are expecting our first child (just […]

05th Mar

Mar 5 – Lent Project – Eddie Kirkland

  Hello again, hope your week started off well yesterday! One thing that was really cool in my day yesterday was getting an email from someone in South Africa who has been journeying along with us in prayer (If you’re reading today, Chris, howzit?!) It was a really cool reminder that as we read these […]

04th Mar

Mar 4 – Lent Project – Eddie Kirkland

It’s day 20, which means we’ve spent almost 3 weeks together on this journey. How’s it going? What are you learning? How are you growing? Like Matt Maher said last week, Lent is meant to be a pilgrimage. Hopefully you’re beginning to feel a sense of motion, like we’re moving slowly from one place to […]

03rd Mar

Mar 3 – Lent Project – Ryan Atkinson

  *Special thanks to Ryan for pulling a “double-shift” these last two days!! Hope you guys are enjoying the weekend and have a great Sunday! – Eddie Hi Everyone, Welcome to Day 19 of The Lent Project. I hope you are enjoying our journey toward Easter as much as I am. My name is Ryan Atkinson. […]

02nd Mar

Mar 2 – Lent Project – Ryan Atkinson

  Hi Friends, Welcome to Day 18 of The Lent Project. I hope you are enjoying our journey toward Easter as much as I am. My name is Ryan Atkinson. I am a newlywed to the truly one-and-only Bethany, serve with North Point in leading people to a growing relationship with Christ as a musician, and love to be […]

01st Mar

Mar 1 – Lent Project – Rick Lee James

  Today we’re joined by a friend of mine from Ohio, Rick Lee James. Rick is a great guy, worship leader, songwriter, and someone who jumped in last year to follow the AdventProject along with us. Hope you enjoy the morning! -Eddie Hey everyone!  My name is Rick Lee James, and I’m happy to be […]