28th Feb

Feb 28 – Lent Project – Bethany Atkinson

  Thanks so much for joining us as we journey to Easter during this season of Lent.  I’m so excited to be a part as we join the big C Church in selected readings and prayers as we prepare our hearts for the sacrifice and ultimately the redemption of man through Jesus. My name is […]

27th Feb

Feb 27 – Lent Project – Todd Fields

I am the husband of Carrie and father of Chandler, Carter, Connor, and Collin Fields. Chandler just turned 15 so the amazing journey continues:) Collin is our baby and is now 9! I am the director of Worship Leader Development at North Point Ministries and work with pastoring and developing leaders at our 5 campuses […]

26th Feb

Feb 26 – Lent Project – Brett Younker

  Welcome to Day 14 of the Lent Project.  My name is Brett Younker and I am one of the worship leaders at Passion City Church, in Atlanta.  I have been married to my wife, Aynsley, for 3.5 years and we just had our first baby, Anna Jeane in December.  I also lead a band […]

25th Feb

Feb 25 – Lent Project – Jonathan Shelton

Hi, everyone! Welcome to Day 13 of The Lent Project. My name is Jonathan Shelton and I’m one of the worship leaders at North Point. I’m married to the beautiful and multi-talented Candi Pearson Shelton and we have two amazing little guys – Elias and Ellery. The scriptures that we’re reading through today reflect God’s […]

24th Feb

Feb 24 – Lent Project – Elizabeth Lincoln

Welcome to Day 12 of the Lent Project! I’m Elizabeth Lincoln, and I get to serve on the Service Programming team at North Point Community Church. I’m grateful to be a part of this journey with you! It’s easy for us to get so focused on our personal relationship with Jesus Christ, that we forget […]

23rd Feb

Feb 23 – Lent Project – John Hambrick

Hey There! Welcome to Day 11 of the Lent Project. It’s a great thing that we get to do this together. My name is John Hambrick. I’m the Director of Starting Point and Staff Development at Buckhead Church. I’m married to my college sweetheart, Patty. We have two kids (well they’re not kids anymore): John […]

22nd Feb

Feb 22 – Lent Project – Jonathan Vinke

  Hi there! My name is Jonathan Vinke, I’m here with you for the tenth day of the Lent project. I am a worship pastor/leader at 12Stone church’s Flowery Branch campus. I have been married to my wife Aubrey for three and a half years, and we have our first baby arriving in July. Today […]

21st Feb

Feb 21 – Lent Project – Reid Greven

Hi Everyone! My name is Reid Greven, and I’m privileged to serve as the Associate Music Director at North Point Community Church. But more importantly, I am husband to the incredible Jennifer and father to 3 brilliant kids that keep us on our toes: Ella (8), Cooper (5) and Parker (2).  And although I’m Canadian, […]

20th Feb

More Than Just A Rock – Matt Maher – A LentProject Perspective

It’s been a week since we started praying and reading together throughout the Lent season, and I hope it’s been a meaningful journey for you so far. Personally, it has helped force me to carve out some space and meditate, which has been massively helpful over the last few days. Bit by bit, I’m beginning […]

20th Feb

Feb 20 – Lent Project – Chris Arias

Hi. I’m Chris Arias. I’m a writer and producer and play in the band at several Northpoint campuses and Free Chapel. I’ve been married to Andi, a wonderful woman with an amazing heart for 21 years. We live in Cumming, GA with our three kids: Grayson – 16, Gigi – 15 and Maggie – 13. […]